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Bringing Personalization Within Reach: Insights From Industry Leaders

Bringing Personalization Within Reach: Insights From Industry Leaders

In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, understanding customer behavior and preferences across various touchpoints is paramount for businesses aiming to stay competitive. Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring industry experts from Lytics, Pantheon, and prominent Drupal agencies, as they share valuable insights on harnessing data and personalization strategies to optimize client businesses.

Many have historically felt that web personalization was out of reach, or worse have been burned making the attempt. Our panelists will delve into the practical approaches and tools needed to navigate this complex landscape successfully.

Key topics of discussion will include:

- Identifying common challenges in implementing comprehensive customer 360 (C360) strategies.
- Assessing enterprise capabilities in governance, identity resolution, behavioral analysis, and campaign activation.
- Leveraging data-centric approaches to master identity resolution and personalize customer interactions effectively.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and discover how data and personalization can unlock new opportunities for business growth and customer engagement.