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Collaborative Editing in Drupal Core

Collaborative Editing in Drupal Core

The team that developed content moderation in Drupal 7 is back with collaborative editing for Drupal 10. Using open-source tools, the Edit Together module provides secure, real-time collaboration inside the Drupal editorial interface. Editors may update content simultaneously and leave threaded comments requesting clarifications or changes. And it all works with content moderation workflows!

Like content moderation, collaboration is a game-changing feature for Drupal as a Content Management System. So what might it look like to put these tools into Drupal core?

In this workshop, we'll cover the following elements:

A quick demo of collaboration features
- Editing
- Commenting
- Versioning
Introducing the tools required for collaboration
- Yjs as a stable dependency
- ProseMirror and the need for end-to-end data integrity
- WebRTC and signaling servers
Current state of the Edit Together module
- Installation requirements
- Core workarounds for Edit module assumptions
- Test scenarios and support
Open question and answer
Identifying steps to core inclusion

We'd like to use this time as a collaborative effort to identify a plan, note any blocking concerns, and begin the process of adding this feature to Drupal's roadmap.