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Discoveries for Scale: Preparing for Your Brand & Platform Makeover

Discoveries for Scale: Preparing for Your Brand & Platform Makeover

Rebrands, acquisitions, and other business decisions have significant impacts on how brands need to adjust their platforms to meet the evolving demands of their organization and their customers. This panel discussion will talk about the challenges and impacts of these decisions, from branding and visual identity, to information architecture and content modeling, to the adoption of new technologies and systems.

A cross-disciplined group of FFW team members will provide insights into how you can overcome some of the common obstacles we’ve observed when scaling platforms to these new realities.

We all know the fantastic feeling of working with a client enthusiastic about a discovery phase, but are you really making the most of this time? Yes, the activities that take place during discovery like workshops, audits, research, and planning, are invaluable towards the success of the project at-hand, but how else can you utilize the information to deepen your relationship with the client and extend your engagement?

Our panel will give a complete view of how the insights and information gained during the early phases of your project can keep your clients engaged about the work you’re doing and guide future phases into success.