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Drupal and FOSS CMS Collaboration in a Competitive Market

Drupal and FOSS CMS Collaboration in a Competitive Market

In 2023, leadership from the top four FOSS CMS projects (Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress) collaborated for the first time on an open letter, webinar, and other efforts regarding the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act. We recognized that we are stronger together and want to promote the idea of FOSS First, as our projects have more in common than we do differences.

Choosing FOSS should be any customer’s first choice, a choice based on the unique FOSS-derived benefits. Choosing the platform comes second to that. Expertise and ability to solve a customer’s problem is where the real competition happens.

Though our CMS projects solve problems differently, the challenges we see ahead are the same. Working with FOSS should mean working together, making sure FOSS CMSs together make FOSS the obvious choice. That means caring for community, contribution, and code beyond our own.

Let's look at how our formal collaboration works and hear the stories of concrete cross-platform collaboration and funding that highlights some of the core strengths of that important choice: Choosing FOSS first.