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Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update

Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update

"[The Recipes Initiative] is a great example of making it easy for people to be part of Drupal and the open web." - Dries Buytaert, Driesnote, DrupalCon Prague

Introduced as "Drupal Starter Templates" during the Driesnote in Portland in 2022, the contributors have been working on the Distributions & Recipes initiative to bring prepackaged pieces of functionality to ambitious site builders and distribution maintainers ever since.

Recipes add value for new and existing Drupal installs by lowering the time needed to configure or install common Drupal use cases, like a blog, calendar, or preconfigured password policies.

Recipes are applied to Drupal instead of being installed and do not have the ongoing association and maintenance costs that distributions bring today.

Join us for an update on the initiative, how to contribute, and a virtual cooking show of applying various recipes from our cookbook.