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DrupalCon's Next Top Content Model

DrupalCon's Next Top Content Model

Content Models are an important content strategy tool to help clarify requirements and build mutual understanding of all content and relationships within a given system or product.

More importantly, Content Models enable us to solve common challenges that make websites difficult to manage and inhibit the user experience, including:

➔ Inconsistencies in how content is displayed resulting in experiences that are difficult for users to navigate, scan for information, or find relevant, related information.

➔ Duplication of content for use in specific displays or layouts, making it difficult to find, manage, and update.

➔ One-off, quick-fix workarounds and custom solutions to meet evolving needs, making it increasingly difficult to scale over time.

During this game show style session, two Content Designers will battle it out to see who will become DrupalCon's Next Top Content Modeler. Our panel of expert judges, along with our audience, will determine which designer's Content Model own's the runway and which is a content faux-pas.