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Edit Together: Collaborative Editing for Everyone

Edit Together: Collaborative Editing for Everyone

gdemet, Alex Jones, tnascimento

In this case study, we'll showcase Edit Together, the new collaborative editor for Drupal 10. We’ll discuss the client requirements that led to its development, the technologies it leverages to facilitate real-time collaboration, and how it can make Drupal more aligned than ever with our community’s needs and values.

When a US state government public health department wanted to move off the proprietary solution that it used for collaborative editing, they turned to Palantir.net to develop and release a secure, reliable, open source Drupal 10 solution.

Now, we are releasing the Edit Together module to the community, with the following features you know and love elsewhere now available in Drupal:

- Real-time collaboration for multiple editors within content items
- Threaded commenting for editors and reviewers
- Opt-in collaboration configuration for content types
- Integration with existing Drupal content moderation workflows

What does this mean for site owners and our community?
- End-to-end data integrity and security — your content is never shared outside your site
- Connected content creation and approval workflows — rely on fewer external tools
- An open source collaborative editing solution for everyone!

By the end of the session, attendees will have a clear understanding of how Edit Together works, how it can be used on their Drupal 10 sites, and some benefits of choosing it.