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Innovation and Contributions Challenges

Innovation and Contributions Challenges

Drupal has not just survived but thrived for more than two decades. One of the key components of this success is with no doubt our community, and all the amazing work that individuals and companies put together to achieve a common goal, a common success.

However, that does not mean that we don’t have problems and blockers to solve. We have all been in situations when an important issue has been open for weeks, months or even years. And the worst of it, it’s not an isolated problem.

Join this session where Irina Zaks and Alex Moreno are going to show their research on innovation and contribution friction analysis, where they analyze what’s happening behind the scenes of some issues and reviews, why and when they are getting blocked. They will share some conclusions as well, and what steps we can do as a community to improve those situations and move Drupal forward to the next level.

But most importantly, we want to open an honest discussion about what we can do to improve, to propel Drupal to the next level. What resources do we need? Can we get the Drupal Association to help?

Article title: Improving Velocity of Code Contributions in Open Source
Journal acronym: MC
Article DOI: 10.1109/MC.2023.3327893