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From proposal to partnership; redefining the RFP process.

From proposal to partnership; redefining the RFP process.

Bjorn Thomson, Ashley Stagg

Preparing an RFP can be a complex, sometimes painful process that can take months and in some cases, years, of meticulous planning. And after all that careful preparation, it is all too common that the resulting bids include a bewildering range of sometimes-conflicting solutions and prices. Too often, the first RFP is retracted and the process begins again.

Part of the problem is that the RFP isn’t an ideal way to select a vendor. You don’t get to talk to them and explain your needs. They usually don’t get to ask you the in-depth questions they need in order to create a great solution. It’s a bit like playing checkers by mail - slow and prone to misunderstanding.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. At ImageX, we see hundreds of RFPs a year, good and bad, and can give you practical suggestions on what you can include to attract the right vendor and to ensure the responses you get are on point.

This session will cover:
- What does a good RFP look like? How can you make sure you choose the right partner(s)?
- How do you involve your team and get internal buy-in?
- How do you ensure you’ll stay within budget and deliver on time?
- Common mistakes and how to avoid them
- Do you even need to have an RFP - what about organizations that don’t require this process?

If you’re wanting to ensure a successful process with your next project, this is the session for you.