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Protecting your site with Automatic Updates

Protecting your site with Automatic Updates

Is your site one of the many Drupal sites running outdated and possibly insecure versions of Drupal core? Come to this session to learn how the Automatic Updates module can help keep your site up-to-date with the latest security updates and make using Composer with a Drupal site easier.

We will go over the hosting requirements for the module and help you determine if your hosting is compatible with Automatic Updates. Additionally we will go over the advanced module setup to ensure your site is configured to run the updater in the most secure way possible, allowing your codebase to still be write-protected from the web server.

For developers, we will give examples of how you can customize the functionality of Automatic Updates with very little code.

By DrupalCon Portland, the 3rd generation of the Automatic Updates contrib module will be available for sites to use and hopefully, the module will also be an experimental module in Drupal Core.