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Sustainable by Design: The revolutionary shift to sustainable web practices

Sustainable by Design: The revolutionary shift to sustainable web practices

Sure you know mindlessly scrolling social media is bad for your brain, but it is also terrible for the planet. Those of us who make the internet have a new focus to consider — sustainable web design. If the internet were a country, it would be the 4th largest carbon producer in the world, but the tools of sustainable web design can lead us to cleaner, more creative, future-thinking solutions—if you know how to wield them.

W3C recently released the first draft of the Web Sustainability Guidelines marking a major milestone in the sustainable web design movement. In this session, attendees will learn:

- What the new W3C Web Sustainability guidelines say, where to start, and how to contribute
- The intersection of sustainability and accessibility guidelines and where they might conflict
- How to use tools like the WebP module and lazy loading to optimize your images
- What color selection has to do with carbon output
- The relationship between performance and energy use
- The new standards that many organizations are being held to around digital sustainability — from carbon output testing to ISO 14064 standards to the GHG protocol
- How to position sustainability expertise for your brand

Sustainable web design offers us the opportunity to look at what we make through a new lens. Using these tools, we can create a better experience and use less energy — and there is so much more for us all to learn.