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Using Layout Builder: Practical Advice from the Field

Using Layout Builder: Practical Advice from the Field

Layout Builder has been included in Drupal core as a stable module since 2019, yet many site builders and developers still struggle to set it up effectively. They might be fresh off a Drupal 7 migration, completely new to Drupal, accustomed to a Paragraphs-based architecture, or feeling like it just isn't usable enough.

With the right planning and configuration, the Layout Builder experience can rival or surpass what’s available in other commercial site building platforms. This panel will demystify Layout Builder for anyone wanting to improve their understanding of its capabilities and limitations.

Heather Wozniak (OpenScholar) will facilitate a conversation with panelists Monica “Nikki” Flores (Lullabot), Rick Hawkins (Slalom), and Andrew Morton (freelance). They have incorporated Layout Builder into sites for healthcare, nonprofits, government, and businesses from small to enterprise. Questions may include:

* What kinds of projects and organizations do you recommend Layout Builder for?
* What are the must-have add-on modules to improve the LB experience?
* What kinds of features require custom code?
* What are the drawbacks of using LB?
* How does using LB change the way you approach design, content strategy, and site architecture?

Attendees will learn the pros and cons of adopting Layout Builder to help them consider whether it is the right solution for their project. And they’ll learn concrete tips for setting up and customizing the authoring experience.