Become a DrupalCon Singapore Sponsor

DrupalCon Singapore will connect Drupal users, customers, developers, and site authors from all over the world with 4 days of training, learning, contribution, and networking. Not since 2016 has there been such a unique opportunity for businesses both inside and outside of Asia and the Asia Pacific region to showcase their capabilities, attract talent, and promote to potential new customers. 

DrupalCon Singapore is the first in a series of planned conferences under the DrupalCon Asia banner, being executed in a joint, not-for-profit collaboration between the Drupal Asia Steering Committee (a sub-committee of the Linux Australia Council) and the Drupal Association. 

Whether you're a local business in Asia, or an international business looking to expand into the Asian market, DrupalCon Singapore offers an unrivalled opportunity to reach new customers and talent by aligning your brand with one or more promotional activities at the event. All sponsors gain visibility and showcase their commitment to open-source collaboration.

Why becoming a Sponsor of DrupalCon Singapore?

Our sponsorship packages are designed to benefit your business by:

  • Networking - Facilitating valuable connections within the Drupal community, creating opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and lasting relationships. 
  • Lead Generation - Providing access to a diverse and engaged audience at DrupalCon, enhancing your ability to generate high-quality leads and potential business opportunities.
  • Attracting New Talent & Business Growth - Showcasing your company as a leader in the industry, attracting top talent, and promoting business expansion through increased visibility and credibility.
  • Community Support - Actively participating in DrupalCon demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility and contributes to the development and sustainability of the open-source community.
  • Brand Awareness - Amplifying your brand globally through strategic placement and recognition throughout the event.
  • Learning and Sharing Success Stories: Engaging in knowledge-sharing sessions, gaining insights into successful Drupal implementations, and sharing your company's success stories to foster a culture of mutual learning and innovation.

Become a sponsor

Select one of our core sponsorship packages or a module sponsorship package that suits the best your organisation.


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Sponsorship packages availabilities
Packages Availability

Rates listed 

are EXCLUDING Singapore GST (9%)
CORE - Presenting 3/3 26,000 SGD
CORE - Champion 4/4 17,000 SGD
CORE - Advocate 5/5 9,000 SGD
CORE - Exhibitor 5/6 4,500 SGD
ADD-ON - Premium Meeting Room 3/3 8,000 SGD
ADD-ON - Flyer Drop 3/3 2,500 SGD
ADD-ON - Video Sponsor 1/1 25,000 SGD
ADD-ON - Language/Translation 3/3 25,000 SGD
ADD-ON - Lanyards  1/1 5,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Trivia Party 1/1 25,000 SGD
STANDALONE  - Networking Drinks 1/1 20,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Splash Awards SOLD OUT 10,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Day 2 Breakfast 3/3 10,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Bird-of-a-Feather 3/3 8,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Photo Booth 1/1 10,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Contribution Day 3/3 5,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Wellness Room 4/4 7,500 SGD
STANDALONE - Coffee Cart SOLD OUT 11,000 SGD
STANDALONE - Meal Sponsor 5/5 5,000 SGD