Track Description

Community Health This track focuses on promoting the happiness and health of all Drupal community members at work, fostering productive teamwork, and nurturing a diverse and inclusive community. Sessions may include ideas about building community and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Drupal community as well as providing insights into improving mental and physical well-being.
Content and Marketing  Calling all content managers, digital strategists, and marketers—this track is for you! We’re looking for sessions on Drupal’s capabilities for content management and digital marketing, as well as creative ways to use Drupal for achieving digital campaign goals.
Development and Coding  This track is for front-end and back-end developers alike, covering all things front-end, back-end, migration, decoupling, and more.
DevOps This track is designed for the behind-the-scenes Drupal experts who focus on deploying high-quality code continuously. Topics include infrastructure, quality assurance, and testing, performance, and scaling.
Drupal Showcase Inspire your peers and shine a spotlight on your recent Drupal projects. We're seeking case studies that delve into project intricacies, team involvement, processes and methodologies, challenges or opportunities addressed, and how Drupal played a pivotal role in making it all possible. Please note that this track is about showcasing, not selling.
Leadership, Management, and Business  This track is for agency leaders, executives, and people and project managers. Submissions should share your business strategy and development ideas, human resources, staff management, and project management.
Site Building  This track is for those who build Drupal sites using the administrative interface. We welcome submissions on site building approaches and modules.
User Experience, Accessibility, and Design Designing for usability, accessibility, and universal access and inclusion should be prioritized. This track is for anyone interested in making Drupal and the web more user-friendly and accessible.