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Come Run with Us

If you like Drupal and being in shape, Barcelona offers a lot of options for running. There are many routes to follow, each one with its own charms.

Remember, in Google Maps, the venue of DrupalCon 2015 is next to Auditori Forum.

If you are staying in the Hotel Princess or near the CCIB, you can follow these directions:

The Local Community Invites you to Celebrate DrupalCon!

It's here! DrupalCon is in a few days and the local community has been working really hard to bring back the traditional welcome evening from past DrupalCons. On Tuesday 22nd starting at 8pm we will have an amazing time with the best company, the Drupal community!

We want to give the best welcome possible at our reach to all DrupalCon attendees, so no matter if it's your first or your fifteen DrupalCon, come and have fun with us the first evening of the conference!

Local Drupal organization offers two-day beginner Drupal training session in Barcelona, the local Drupal Association in Catalonia, is offering a free two-day Drupal training session for beginners in September, just a few days before DrupalCon hits Barcelona. Taking advantage of the Drupal fever that will be in town, the local organization seeks to promote Drupal in Spain and make more people aware of it as a viable CMS tool. Trainings will be in Spanish and Catalan.

The event is specifically geared to the local community interested in creating their own web site or in getting trained with new skills in the ever-growing IT & communications field.

Coffee breaks at DrupalCon

DrupalCon is almost here, which means it's time to discuss one of the most controversial topics in our community: coffee!

We're pleased to inform you that during officially scheduled morning breaks, coffee will be available for free thanks to our generous sponsors. Make sure you add it to your calendar: you'll be able to drink up all the free coffee you want between 10:15 and 11:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.