DrupalCon Lille 2023 Committees

Executive Committee

Members of executive committee are part of DrupalCon Europe Advisory committee. Sharing ideas and knowledge, taking decisions about important topics together with Kuoni representatives.

Members: Baddy Sonja BreidertGábor HojtsyImre Gmelig Meijling

Time commitments: All year commitment. 

Program & Speaker Review Committee

The Speakers Review Committee supports developing the DrupalCon program emphasizing the participant experience. The development of the program will include a combination of an open call for content and the cultivation of content around specific topics, themes, and desired outcomes. The team also works to integrate best practices and lessons learned from other successful conferences.

Chair & Co-Chair: Rouven VolkDaniel Lemon

Time commitments: 20-30 hours between March - May 2023

Marketing & Outreach Committee

The Marketing and Outreach Committee will develop ways to reach returning and potential participants, emphasizing audience diversity for DrupalCon. Members will utilize DrupalCon brand standards and share team-crafted messages primarily via social media and email.

Chair & Co-Chair: Gábor HojtsyImre Gmelig Meijling

Time commitments: All year commitment. 

Local Ambassador Committee

Are you somebody based in France, eventually in Lille, who loves your country/city and knows it like the back of your hand? Consider being a local ambassador! Help curate content and experiences for fellow DrupalCon attendees, and give us the inside scoop on all things France/Lille.

Chair & Co-Chair: Marine GandyNicolas Loye

Time commitments: All year commitment. 

Grants, Scholarships & Inclusion Funds Committee

The Grants, Scholarship & Inclusion funds Committee is helping set up the process as well as evaluating submitted applications.

Chair & Co-Chairs: Von EatonStella Power

Time commitments: 10-20 hours between May - June 2023.

Logistics Contributor - Onsite Volunteer

Logistics Contributors are folks who enjoy making events happen by having high energy and a warm communication style. They will work in collaboration with our event staff to manage the registration desk, direct attendees, greet attendees, help with set-up or tear down, and assist the Conference staff as needed.

Chair & Co-Chairs: John Cook & Surabhi Gokte

Time commitments: 1 month prior the event 4-8 hours of on-site time at DrupalCon Lille 2023. 

Social Events Committee

Social Events Committee is helping with organization and all important aspects of Social events at DrupalCon Lille 2023. All starts with the first day and Opening Reception, continues with Women in Drupal and its awards, great Trivia night and ends with Wrap up Ceremony during the last day. 

Chair & Co-Chairs: Rachel Lawson & Stella Power

Time commitments: 5-15 hours between June- October 2023 and 2-4 hours of on-site time at DrupalCon Lille 2023.