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DrupalCon is a unique event where you can connect with the Drupal community, learn from the best and brightest in the field, and help shape the future of Drupal. You'll also have a lot of fun!

Your donation to DrupalCon will help us accelerate Drupal contribution and bring new and diverse talent to the project. This is essential for keeping Drupal strong and vibrant in the years to come.

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Thank you to this year's donators
Nils Adermann
Ashish Ashish
Tom Bamford
Andre Baumgärtel
Kate Bazilevskaya
Laurent Bekaert
Guzman Bellon
Peter Clijsters
Edouard Cunibil
Jan De Kezel
Eric de Saint Denis
John Faber
Marine Gandy
Mike Gifford
Michael Gleeson
Imre Gmelig Meijling
Kwinten Hardies
Boris Heisel
Katja Heitmann
Mike Herchel
Paul Johnson
Alex Johnston
Anto Jose
Tom Keitel
Markus Keller
Nenad Kesic
Julia Kranzthor
Mathieu Le Cain
Karen Leech
Francis Lemaitre
Scott Massey
Nicolas Loye
Felip Manyer Ballester
Gregg Marshall
Alejandro Moreno Lopez
Thiemo Müller
Ciprian Oancia
Peter Pajor
Francesco Placella
Stella Power
Fabienne Rondeau
Steffen Rühlmann
Jeff Schuler
James Shields
Michel Van Velde
Jean-paul Vosmeer
Reuben Walker
Chris Wu