We are looking for volunteers to serve as mentors to new contributors during our Mentored Core Contribution in the "Contribution Lounge" space at DrupalCon Lille on Friday 20 October.

At Drupal events around the world, Mentored Core Contribution typically takes place in a large room with many round tables, allowing for groups to collaborate while using their own laptops - and knowledge. Mentors will work with 3 to 6 people sitting at a table. We will be in very close proximity and encourage everyone to wear a mask. We'll have some on hand to share. Mentoring topics are varied and are dependent both on the mentor as well as the mentees. Organizers will work to match up mentor/mentee areas of focus in such a way as to maximize success.

You do not have to be a coder to be a mentor. Non-code contribution opportunities are also available for first-time contributors. This includes contributing to the Project Browser initiative, Bug Smash, documentation, UX/UI and accessibility testing, design, and many more.

Mentors may also help new contributors set up their development environments if needed, find tasks and collaborators, and work on issues. We'll hold two Mentor Orientations and an Issue Queue triage session during the week that will help prepare mentors - be sure to attend!



Here's how you can help

Attend mentor events at DrupalCon Lille and fulfill specific mentor roles: 

  • Assist participants in a First-Time Contributor Workshop Tuesday 17 October  17:15-18:00 
  • Mentor for a half or whole day during the Mentored Core Contribution Day on Friday 20 October 09:00-18:00
  • Leading up to the event, help with issue triage
  • Review participants' work on the day of the contribution
  • Offer assistance for attendees to choose the right contribution room for them; greet people; take photos; etc.

Want to stay connected?

Join the #mentoring slack channel and attend and participate in the asynchronous Slack Meetings leading up to DrupalCon.

While at DrupalCon, go to the Mentoring booth in the exhibit hall and introduce yourself. There will be several mentoring BoFs on the days leading up to Contribution Day. See the Events section on this page.


What’s in it for you?

First is the feeling you get when you help someone contribute to the most dynamic CMS on the planet. Mentors will receive contribution credit on, which can be used to help promote your skills and dedication to having a more inclusive web.

Remember, "When one person teaches, two people learn."