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Agency & Business   |   Clients & Industry Showcases   |   Makers & Builders   |   Open Web Community   |   Users & Editors


Agency & Business

Track description

How do we grow a sustainable business in the Open Web and how can we innovate and diversify to stay ahead? 

Good management is an integral component to both successful businesses and successful projects, and this track aims inspire attendees with relevant experience, story-driven narratives, innovative ideas, and in-depth lessons learned. 

Target audience The Agency & Business track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, operators, executives, and project managers on how to manage their business successfully and how to ensure projects are delivered on-time while maintaining high standards. Sessions in this track will be non-technical by nature.
TRACK GOALS Sessions will be aimed at generating ideas and inspiration for leadership, company culture, project management, quality assurance, sales and marketing, digital strategy and product / service offerings.
TRACK KEYWORDS Agile, Leadership, Management, Quality, Sales,

Clients & Industry Experiences

Track description

Covering a broad range of case studies and experiences brought to you by representatives of the organisations specialized choosing for the  Open Web. Including speakers using Drupal strategically like CMO’s, CTO’s, digital managers and business/site owners. The key intention is to show how Drupal can adapt to fit projects of all shapes and sizes, across all industries.

Target audience Digital managers and executive decision makers using Drupal  or considering to use it as their next digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners and tech leads can also benefit from the showcases in this track.
  • Adding business value, told by ‘clients’ themselves or agencies and their clients.
  • Attracting existing and potential Drupal users (clients) to DrupalCon
  • Learn about highlights AND ways to improve Drupal, from Drupal users themselves.
TRACK KEYWORDS Business, Case Study, Digital Experience, Government, Showcases


Makers & Builders

Track description

Do you want to discover how building a Drupal website or application is the result of many different disciplines or even crafts? 

The new “Makers & Builders track is the combination of DevOps, backend development, site building, frontend development, and accessibility competencies. All the right ingredients for a perfect Drupal recipe.

Target audience This track is for everyone interested in Drupal development including all disciplines and all levels of experience. This track is for both technical profiles but also anyone interested in how Drupal works from the inside, we're sure that within our contents in the site building, frontend, backend and devops, everyone will find something that catches their eye.
TRACK GOALS Join us and submit a talk proposal to showcase and give your own take on best practices, tools, decoupling, contribution and the future of building with Drupal, including many other topics of interest.
TRACK KEYWORDS Accessibility, APIs, Back End Development, Contribution, Development, DevOps, Front End Development, Integrations, JavaScript, Performance, PHP, Scalability, Security


Open Web & Community

Track description

What is the open web and how can we all contribute to it? How can we provide safe and inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome?


This track includes talks about the human and community aspects of Drupal and the Open Web. Learn about how to be happy and healthy at work, how to be a productive team and community member, how the community and project support each other and how you can contribute to the Drupal project no matter your expertise.

Target audience Everyone in the Drupal/Open Web community interested in the web being an inclusive, diverse, open and healthy place.
  • Get advice on how to contribute to the Open Web and the Drupal project, either through code or through other means
  • Discover resources to start conversations pertaining to diversity, inclusion, and equity 
  • Learn about what’s next for Drupal initiatives
TRACK KEYWORDS Being Human, Community, Contribution, Diversity & Inclusion, Open Web


Users & Editors

Track description

If you are using Drupal to reach your organisation’s digital goals, to create content, or to design an editorial experience, come and explore Drupal’s capabilities and new features for content management and digital marketing.

Target audience Content editors and strategists, digital marketers, UX practitioners, designers.
  • Provide insights for people using Drupal regularly/daily
  • Also get professionals from organisations using Drupal (clients) to share their insights
  • Provide a voice to the content and marketing perspective, with the goal of making Drupal more user-centric
TRACK KEYWORDS Content Management, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Editor Experience,  UX