Learn how to contribute to Makers & Builders track

Do you know that the cool project you have been working on recently, on a sprint or just demoed to your coworkers, could be really awesome to also share with the Drupal community? Yes! That’s the spirit of Drupalcon!

Sharing discoveries, explorations, and even bad experiences so that we can learn collectively as an open community.

You’ve been working for the first time with a very useful lib from GitHub that is not very well known? Tell us about it. You’ve joined a new team or your first team and learned about Drupal? Share your experience, conferences are not just targeted to advanced attendees. If you are a beginner, there will be people in the same position as yours, and they will love to hear about the steps that you followed to climb the learning curve of a new tool.

Attending a Drupalcon is a great experience that you leave with a lot of inspiration to try new things and spread the new best practices you just learned to your peers.

As a tech community, we want to welcome session proposals for frontend, accessibility, DevOps, backend and not only for Drupal! If you are convinced that the community would benefit from hearing about other technologies, Content Management Systems or communities, please go for it!

Sessions can be one of the following types:

  • Sessions (20 minutes or 45 minutes)
  • Panel discussions (45 minutes)
  • Workshops (45 minutes or 2x45 minutes)

If you want to improve the quality of your submission, remember to follow the submission guidelines and clearly indicate your target audience, if your talk will be very technical or not, for instance. Your submission should list the key ideas and be written in more than 3 sentences. It will help the reviewers and the attendees pick the content that suits them.

Check the date of April 24th in your calendar for the call for papers deadline (23h59 CET - Lille Time).

If usually the date to collect all the submissions is extended, this year we will NOT be able to do it due to organization reasons. So please, take note of the deadline! Several reminders will be published on social networks, please follow us for additional info.