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Accessibility for Everyone!

Accessibility for Everyone!

Daniel Angelov (danielangelov)

We all understand the importance of Accessibility to some extent. Some of us may have a basic understanding of certain rules, such as color contrast ratios and the need for Alt Text. But how many of us actually UNDERSTAND Accessibility? A lot of people think it affects only people with disabilities - which is wrong. And I'll prove it to you.
In this session, I will provide a comprehensive overview of the key concepts that serve as the foundation for WCAG in a way that you'll be able to THINK Accessibility even if you have no prior experience. I'll give you examples of issues and their resolutions according to the newly drafted WCAG 2.2 which will help you out through our journey.
I'm looking forward to meeting you so we can delve deeper into this important topic!
Session (20 minutes)

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