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AI in Drupal: Evolution, Modules, and Possibilities (sponsored by FFW)

AI in Drupal: Evolution, Modules, and Possibilities (sponsored by FFW)

Jorge Lopez-lago

With the seemingly sudden advent of AI, many people and organizations are struggling to comprehend it. Over the past few months, the state of AI systems has changed dramatically, and it continues to change at a
staggering pace. However, its use in Drupal is not new, as it dates back several years. There are both older implementations and numerous new ones that respond to the current AI services available. Join us to gain insight into the evolution and current situation of AI within the Drupal ecosystem. What does AI mean in the context of Drupal, and how has its evolution been? What can be accomplished with contributed modules,
and which ones are recommended?

Key takeaways:
- Learn about the relationship between Drupal and AI over time.
- Explore the AI services currently available for leverage within Drupal.
- Identify which modules are interesting starting points for developing AI-powered functionality. Whether you’re a Drupal developer, a product owner, or a digital strategist, this session will provide you with valuable insights
into how to understand the possibilities of AI in Drupal.

Audience experience level:
- beginner