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Automating software updates: How clients can benefit

Automating software updates: How clients can benefit

Evgeniy Maslovskiy (Spleshka)

As a client, you want your shiny new Drupal platform to keep working with as few security and performance issues as possible. You also know that all projects require support and maintenance, with software updates being a key part of essential maintenance for every site. However, you may not be aware that manually updating software takes time, is open to human error, and usually doesn’t happen as quickly as you may wish - leaving you open to security risks. In this session, SystemSeed CTO, Evgeniy Maslovskiy, will share two of our client case studies and demonstrate the impact of automated testing on site performance, security, and client budgets.

You’ll learn:

- Why automated testing is better than manual testing for site performance and security
- The difference automated testing has made to two different SystemSeed clients through the real statistics that we will share
- How we build automated testing into our overall project process - and what impact that has on delivery dates.
- Why many agencies aren’t interested in this type of efficiency, even though it benefits you
- How to ask your new or existing agency if they are willing and able to set up and run automated tests for your projects
- Where to start with automated testing as a client
- How to sell automated testing to your boss as a success tool for your project

This session is ideal for client representatives including Product owners, Heads of Web and Digital, CTOs, CFOs, CEOs and Heads of IT
Session (20 minutes)

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