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Breaking Barriers: My Inclusive Fairytale as a Tourettes-afflicted Drupal Developer

Breaking Barriers: My Inclusive Fairytale as a Tourettes-afflicted Drupal Developer

Mathieu De Meue (matdemeue)

Join me on a journey as I share my personal story of overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome and how a community can accept people with disabilities and get more inclusive. As a developer, I struggled with doubts and fears about my ability to succeed in the tech industry, especially given my vocal and motoric tics. But through my Drupal internship and later joining a Drupal team maintaining hundreds of projects and clients, I discovered a supportive community that valued my unique skills and contributions. In this talk, I will share my experiences of navigating the challenges of Tourette’s Syndrome in a professional setting like workspaces, conferences or social events. I’ll also discuss the importance of building a culture of understanding and support in tech companies, how they can offer guidance for creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees but also on how you can react to having a coworker with a disability. Through my story, you’ll gain insights into the power of perseverance and the importance of community in overcoming obstacles. Whether you’re a developer with a disability, or simply interested in learning more about how to create a more inclusive workplace, this talk is for you. Join me on this journey of hope, inspiration, and discovery, and learn how you can help make the Drupal community an all-inclusive place.

To summarize: As a community member you will get some practical tips on how to support people with disabilities in a professional workspace, told from a personal perspective.
Session (20 minutes)

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