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Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Connecting a Global Network of Non-Profits with Drupal

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Connecting a Global Network of Non-Profits with Drupal

Peter Pónya (pedrop), Zsófia Alföldi (Zsofiaalfoldi)

When 200 non-profit organizations with varying resources and expertise are scattered across the globe, the need for a centralized platform to share knowledge and resources becomes vital.

In this session, I'll take a closer look at how we built a platform where a thriving new community was born.

Some non-profits are large and relatively rich, with finance experts onboard. Others are working in underdeveloped countries with small, yet similarly if not more enthusiastic teams, without access to expert financial consultancy about the very key area of how to fund and administer their operations.

We’ve built a knowledge and resource-sharing platform around the OpenSocial Drupal distribution and empowered this network to join forces, share their knowledge and help each other. It was thrilling to see the birth of a new community, to check the KPI analytics, and see the ever-growing numbers.

In this session attendees will:

- Get an inside look at a private, yet thriving, social site that is creating significant value and impact worldwide.
- Learn about the challenges and opportunities in building and customizing the OpenSocial Drupal distribution.
- Understand how Drupal goes beyond being just a CMS, showcasing its capabilities as a powerful tool for fostering community engagement and collaboration.

Client: The largest humanitarian organization in the world.
Session (20 minutes)

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