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Design in Figma and deploy a pixel perfect Drupal website in days, not weeks!

Design in Figma and deploy a pixel perfect Drupal website in days, not weeks!

Akhil Bhandari

You have the perfect final visual web design masterpiece, ready to be built. You’ve spent months and an eye-watering design budget creating, researching, validating and testing your visual designs. The designs look exquisite and next…a simple build in Drupal.

The first thing your development team does is start asking how the interactions look for this component or how the behaviours work for that part of the design.
So they do their best Google Translate impression and begin interpreting the designs and inevitably your visual design artwork is a thing of the past and the Drupal build is fantastic, but not quite like the designs and it cost another small fortune to build (say bye-bye Christmas party)...

The cost, time and pain in translating design to build is often very high. Designs get missed, misinterpreted and take a long time to translate into code. Many bugs arise, which take time to resolve that end up breaking the bank.

Compare that to an experience when designers can arrange key page layouts and assign interactions in Figma design files, and web publishers and administrators in Drupal can create and manage the identical pages and flexible layout designs without any coding.

CivicTheme is a true, open source, atomic component-based design system in Figma that is 100% in sync with its Drupal 10 build. This significantly reduces the time it takes to build your website, while ensuring a consistent, compliant and visually stunning experience.

Learn more about the Figma-to-Drupal process with CivicTheme and how you can design fast, build fast and deploy fast. This gives a headstart to all content, development and research teams, reducing your Drupal design-build-test-deploy project lifecycle.
Finally find out how you can deliver exactly the designs your executives signed off on.

We invite you to this session to learn about:
* What a true design system is
* How a comprehensive, atomic-based design system can save time to build and maintain your Drupal site
* About the open source component-based atomic design system, CivicTheme
* How to use Figma CivicTheme to design your perfect website
* How to then build (assemble) your pixel perfect site with CivicTheme in Drupal using the exact Figma designs with NO code!

Session (45 minutes)

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