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Designing for Privacy: Balancing User Needs and Data Security

Designing for Privacy: Balancing User Needs and Data Security

Tarkesh Deva (Tarkesh.deva)

With increasing concerns about data privacy and security, it’s more important than ever for UX designers to consider the implications of their designs on user privacy. In this session, I will explore the challenges of designing for privacy and provide practical tips for balancing user needs with data security. I will cover topics such as:
*Understanding user expectations and attitudes towards privacy

*Identifying and mitigating privacy risks in your designs

*Balancing privacy and usability considerations

*Best practices for communicating privacy information to users

*Designing for consent and user control

*Leveraging privacy-enhancing technologies in your designs

I will also dive into a case study on design of a community forum for UNICEF, which is a platform designed for young women and girls. During the design process, I have identified several privacy risks and challenges specific to the platform and its users, such as sensitive topics, reaching displaced users, identification of users, and privacy intrusion. I will discuss how I have addressed these risks and challenges through the design choices, including creating a safe and supportive community forum, using non-intrusive registration methods, and incorporating privacy-enhancing technologies.

By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of how to design for privacy in sensitive and challenging contexts and leave with practical tips to improve the privacy of your designs and build more trustworthy digital experiences.
Session (45 minutes)

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