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Drupal 10 localization server upgrade initiative status

Drupal 10 localization server upgrade initiative status

Felip Manyer Ballester (FMB), Nicolas Loye (Nicoloye)

A group of volunteers is currently porting the Drupal community translation server (localize.drupal.org) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. This platform is an important part of Drupal's infrastructure: if you ever have installed Drupal in any language other than English, you have already (transparently) downloaded translations from Localize, which is also a collaborative tool where contributors from various linguistic and cultural communities coordinate their efforts to get Drupal core and contrib projects translated.

In a first phase, we have focused on porting existing features. However, by the time we will give this presentation in Lille, we should be working on new features, such as: UI and UX improvements, web services (for instance to get statistics per language), addressing crediting issues, or even integrating efforts around a translation memory tool for Drupal. Volunteers will be more than welcome to work on issues during the event and take care of our tools.
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