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Drupal and the DXP World

Drupal and the DXP World

Gaurav Kapoor (Gaurav.kapoor)

In this session, I'll discuss how combining Drupal with other tools aimed at enhancing the digital experience a company can offer improved access for websites built using Drupal. I will discuss automating marketing, personalizing content, boosting engagement, and gathering information from online access logs to help you make wise business decisions. These days, it's fairly typical for e-commerce websites to use such technologies to increase sales, but many other types of websites can also gain from the extra help. The attendees would end up with the following takeaways:

1. Integrating Drupal websites with Marketing Clouds
2. Using customer data platforms to gather web access data
3. Content personalization.
4. Currently available DXPs

I'll be going over a number of fresh use cases that will aid in understanding of the DXP ecosystem and the approach modifications required at the agency and developer levels.
Session (20 minutes)

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