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Drupal DXP meets AI: Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Experiences

Drupal DXP meets AI: Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Experiences

Saranya Rajaram (saranya_rajaram), Annam Ravin (Annam_sreenivasan)

In today's digital landscape, delivering exceptional digital experiences is essential for organisations to remain competitive. Imagine a digital experience platform that can learn from your customers, personalise their interactions, and predict their needs - all on its own. That's the power of Drupal DXP with AI. By combining the flexibility and scalability of Drupal with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, we can step into the future of digital experiences. Are you ready to take your digital strategy to the next level? Then this session would be the right choice for you.

At the end of this session, the attendees should be able to have a good understanding on:

- Various AI-powered tools and techniques can be used with Drupal DXP to enhance personalisation, chatbots and conversational interfaces, data analytics, search and recommendation engines, content creation, and management.
- Overview of how Drupal DXP can be integrated with third-party AI tools and services to enhance its capabilities.
- The best practices for integrating AI into Drupal DXP, like data privacy, security, and ethical considerations.
- The challenges and limitations of using AI in Drupal DXP and the strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Target Audience:

We aim to make this session a reference for organisations looking to leverage AI to unlock the full potential of Drupal DXP and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

- Business leaders and decision-makers who are interested in using AI to enhance their organisation's digital experiences and gain a competitive advantage.
- Digital experience professionals working with Drupal are interested in learning more about how AI can be integrated into their work to improve user engagement and satisfaction.
- Anyone who is interested in learning about the potential of AI to enhance digital experiences and wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field.
Session (45 minutes)

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