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Drupal Translate Interface on steroids

Drupal Translate Interface on steroids

Lyubomir Filipov (Lfilipov)

Whether you're a product owner, a digital strategist, or a Drupal team lead, this session will provide you with valuable insights on executing large-scale multilingual digital transformation programs on Drupal.

We managed to deploy over 50 different decoupled sites for a client and we identified a common pain point when it comes to translation. We will showcase our solution of providing translations in Drupal, understanding the needs of multilingual countries, and the distinction between multilingual versus intercountry dimensions.

Topics to be presented include:

- Identifying all translation strings
- Providing guidance for people and business owners that need to translate this (videos, screenshots)
- Providing a common interface - try to use translations between countries - note: Canadian French is different than Belgium French and etc
- Keeping track of all changes (using design systems, backlog, release, and changelog)
- Optimizing the process and try to reduce any technical involvement when it comes to translations
- Considering any 3rd-party dependencies

Business leaders will get the shared knowledge of a big team (over 100 people working on a platform for a couple of years) and all the issues that the team solved. By showing the different steps we went through, it will help a business leader to make decisions at an earlier stage for their project.
Session (20 minutes)

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