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DrupalPod for shiny happy developers

DrupalPod for shiny happy developers

Roberto Peruzzo

As a developer team member, I often have had to face the tough process of setting up and running my local environment to work on a new project. And it seems I am not the only one complaining about it. Whether you are working remotely or onsite, this kind of activity is often time-consuming due to your workstation or a particular project's third-party integrations. This "wasting time" is neither foreseeable nor justifiable toward the client; that is the big deal because it can slow down the project start-up and at the same time demotivate the developers right from the beginning.

I think the only way to fix that it's to find a reproducible process which takes the same time to be completed, independently by the operating systems,  configurations and integrations.

In the last years, DrupalPod has helped lots of people to easily start contributing to the Drupal project, so why we cannot use the same approach to client's project? This is why I've started to test DrupalPod with some simple working projects sharing them with builders and backend developers of the team.

My session is aimed at the dev team leaders looking for a way to bring new developers on board and make them operational in a "button click". It will be a good starting point to look after the team members in order to have "shiny happy developers" on the project.