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For good or for worse: making happy client relationships

For good or for worse: making happy client relationships

Imre Gmelig Meijling (imre-gmelig-meijling)

As professional service providers we often walk a fine line in delivering bespoke software to a diverse set of clients. Each with their own traits and desires. Clients want partnerships. So do agencies and service providers. Like in every human relationship, this calls for compromises and the need to give and take. From small to large, contracts and requirements are always contending with core Agile values. No methods, contracts or processes can replace nor dismiss the essential ingredients of understanding, openness, passion and creativity which are key in making software development a success and ensuring happy relationships. Which is often quite hard to achieve.

This session is for business owners, sales professionals and client facing experts. It will share some lessons learned (sometimes the hard way) about:

• How to do digital projects with inexperienced Agile teams
• How to deliver digital services within time and budget
• Prevent overpromising
• Delivering bad news
• Negotiating contracts that are not Agile

Imre Gmelig Meijling is business owner of React Online The Netherlands. Imre worked in various roles in different agencies in Europe. He will share 25 years of lessons learned in the digital industry, sometimes the hard way. Among his clients are United Nations, Disney and Konica-Minolta. Imre has also been an active member of the Drupal community since 2006, working on the DrupalCon Europe Community Advisory Comittee. He is former chair of the Dutch Drupal Association and co creator of the Splash Awards and Drupaljam.

Session (45 minutes)

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