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How to learn Drupal 10 site building in a month?

How to learn Drupal 10 site building in a month?

Eduardo Telaya (Edutrul)

Learning a CMS shouldn't be hard or a long period of hours to learn new technology. What if I tell you that I have proved the hypothesis of learning Drupal site building in less than a month?
Yep, I did it with the help of Drupal experts and students who don't know anything about programming and were introduced to Drupal from 0 to get to know to build a website (site building).
In this lecture, I will teach you the fastest way for any person to learn Drupal site building. I'll mention to you the most common topics being used in today's Drupal site building so you can be introduced quickly to the market, which means you are ready to work on any Drupal site as a site builder.
All my 12 years of experience in Drupal, plus my Drupal community skills and teaching, are put to this moment to show you the fastest way to learn Drupal.

In this talk, you'll learn...:

1. What is Drupal, and What is a Drupal site builder
2. How you can create websites with Drupal in the fastest way
3. What are the next steps for a Drupal site builder.

It is stated that the major act of revolution is Education, and I firmly believe so. I want you to learn Drupal site building quickly, which requires today's market.
Session (20 minutes)

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