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How we integrated and scaled Opigno LMS into a global ecosystem

How we integrated and scaled Opigno LMS into a global ecosystem

Enno Langelotz (Enno), Mariana Solorzano, Antonella Severo

The Opigno distribution brings great opportunities both for employees as well as customers to serve as a modern Learning Management System (LMS) and add to the value of Nestlé's digital offerings. Opigno provides a platform to better support trainings and deeper content interactions, but how do you integrate it effectively in a global company that already has its own Drupal distribution and strict security guidelines that must be followed?

We will present the challenges that we encountered and how we solved them to create a basis for a platform that is now being used in different countries all over the world to bring additional value to Nestlé's customers and partners.

The session topics will include:

- Use of Opigno in combination with the current market websites for a better customer experience based on the example of Nestle Professional. How we are using Opigno's capabilities to help different markets with much needed functionality.
- Integration of Opigno into the Nestlé ecosystem in parallel to the existing Nestlé Drupal Lightnest distribution.
- Technical challenges of making Opigno compliant with Nestlé security procedures and preparing it for a world-wide rollout.

This session is targeted to product owners, business owners, and architects considering using a Learning Management System to enhance their content offerings and better engage their customers and visitors.
Session (20 minutes)

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