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Innovation and the future of Drupal

Innovation and the future of Drupal

Alejandro Moreno Lopez (Alexmoreno), Scott Massey (sukotto100), Cristina Chumillas (ckrina), AmyJune Hineline (Volkswagenchick), Nick Veenhof (nick_vh)

Drupal seems to have hit a plateau. Or that’s what many in the community think. After Drupal 7, many sites are moving away from the platform while not as many seem to be choosing Drupal as their favourite CMS. Or is it really?

As Drupal is excelling as the “Enterprise” CMS, maybe we should look at the numbers differently. Maybe Drupal health is actually excellent, but what matters are not the sheer numbers, but instead the quality, or type of those sites using Drupal (complex, highly customised, full of integrations).

Join us on this panel to talk about where is Drupal at the present, how we got to this point, but more importantly, where is Drupal headed and how can we influence that future, if we can at all, and make Drupal the innovative, flexible and popular CMS choice of excellence that has always been.

Panel discussion (45 minutes)

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