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Many to One; the journey to a centralized corporate communication website

Many to One; the journey to a centralized corporate communication website

Marcello Angileri (Condor616), Pierre Ukelo (pierruk), François Weber (Weberfr8)

At Novartis, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the Channel Management team faced the daunting task of migrating almost 100 corporate websites, with over 15 million annual page views, from Drupal 7 (Beluga) to Drupal 9 (Arctic). However, instead of simply lifting and shifting, they saw this as an opportunity to consolidate all of their standalone country sites under one single umbrella: novartis.com, with dedicated country sections.

Join us as we share our experiences, challenges, and outcomes of this ambitious project. We'll discuss the pains and a-ha moments we encountered, and how we overcame them. While the technical features of the platform are essential, we’ll also focus on the critical role of content, information architecture, design, change management, and governance in the success of this multi-layered stakeholder program.

In this presentation, we'll cover:

- The business drivers behind the decision to consolidate 100+ sites into one platform
- Our approach to planning, scoping, and executing the migration, including our focus on content strategy, information architecture, and user experience
- The technical challenges we faced and how we solved them, including issues related to custom modules, third-party integrations, and data migration
- The importance of governance and change management in the success of the project, and how we engaged stakeholders across the organization
- The impact of the migration on the user experience, including metrics around engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction

We'll also provide insights into how other organizations can plan and execute a similar migration, with a focus on creating a streamlined, cohesive user experience. Whether you're a site owner, content strategist, or project manager, our presentation will provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways.
Session (45 minutes)

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