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Mastering Agency Outsourcing: Strategies for Success in Government Projects

Mastering Agency Outsourcing: Strategies for Success in Government Projects

Anthony Fox-Davies, Evgeniy Maslovskiy (Spleshka)

Successful and growing agencies can find themselves short on senior staff when working on large government contracts. These are typically high-profile projects with significant budgets and come with specific requirements such as security vetting of staff.

High-quality delivery is essential, so the agency needs to be careful about who they add to their talent pool to fulfill the client’s needs. However, finding highly skilled supplementary resources that will gel with the in-house team is hard and places an additional management burden on running the agency.

SystemSeed often works as a partner to other agencies on government contracts, and we have seen what works and what doesn’t work in this process.

This session will delve into the world of agency outsourcing for government projects, sharing invaluable lessons learned and opportunities for growth. Through an anonymous case study and practical tips, you'll discover how to augment your team effectively and create strong partnerships with other agencies.

We’ll look at pitfalls to avoid, as well as practical ways to get this sort of partnership right; when to share sensitive information (and when to hold it back); and making the most of knowledge transfer between internal and external team members.

This session is perfect for agency directors, operations managers, and senior-level freelancers looking to navigate the complexities of outsourcing and achieve success in government projects.

What you will learn:
- The benefits of agency outsourcing for government projects
- Key factors to consider when selecting an outsourcing partner
- Common pitfalls in agency outsourcing and how to avoid them
- Best practices for fostering successful collaborations between agencies
- Tips and tricks to shortcut your learning curve and start off on the right foot with your partner agency.

Who should attend:
- Agency directors
- Operations managers
- Senior-level freelancers in the Drupal community

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for mastering agency outsourcing in government projects!

Session (20 minutes)

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