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Our joint sustainability journey: reducing emissions and technical learnings

Our joint sustainability journey: reducing emissions and technical learnings

Andrew Melck (Drewmelck), Leah Goldfarb, Jérôme Andrieux, Antonella Severo, David Fernandez

Nestlé and Platform.sh have developed a new test case - focused on Nestlé’s Drupal fleet - which dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the cloud. Together we will share our approach and the lessons learned in terms of technology, process, and sustainability.

During our previous presentation at DrupalCon Prague, we showed how to measure carbon footprint and what actions are the most effective in driving down emissions. Here we will share what happened next, how we’ve also defined a generally applicable set of steps that can help teams to define usage baselines, what we have accomplished, and the results from our technical deep dive.

In this session you will learn:

· How Nestlé and Platform.sh share a joint commitment to sustainability extending to the cloud.

· How you as a Drupal community member can also help to reduce cloud emissions and meet your sustainability goals.

Join this session if you:

· Want to understand not only how to reduce emissions, but also to increase performance.

· Are curious about technical insights from our pilot case, which can be generalized to any instance in the Drupal world, and beyond.
Session (45 minutes)