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Shaping the most easy to use enterprise CMS through Drupal Gutenberg (sponsored by Frontkom)

Shaping the most easy to use enterprise CMS through Drupal Gutenberg (sponsored by Frontkom)

Thor Andre Gretland, Marco Fernandes

We start off with a demo session of how we’re using Gutenberg today, and some of the great selling points you typically miss when simply trying it out on your own.

Divided into 3 groups/topics
Editors will experience hands-on the power of the Gutenberg editing capabilities and developers will discover the many ways to extend Gutenberg editor.

Group 1: Are you interested in seeing how the editorial experience can be improved for your organization or your clients? Or are you interested in offering this to your clients, but are unsure if the technological investment will be worth it for your team or company? We have workshop content for you either way!

Group 2: Developing for Gutenberg
We do hands-on work developing your own Gutenberg blocks.

Group 3: Migrating into Gutenberg
Migrating content into Gutenberg formats, or migrating organizations into the Gutenberg directions are two very different things, but are usually both very relevant topics that you might worry about, considering Gutenberg for your client or for your own organization. We cover both in this session.

Discussion for all
• Where do you want Gutenberg to go?
• What is blocking you from using Gutenberg in your organization

Closing session end game: Workshots
Optional and on the house.

Key takeaways from this workshop:
• What is Drupal Gutenberg and how can it benefit your organization?
• How do you work with Gutenberg as an editor or site builder?
• How do you customize Drupal Gutenberg and deliver tailored solutions