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So I logged in, now what?
The Dashboard initiative welcomes you

So I logged in, now what? The Dashboard initiative welcomes you

Christian López Espínola (Penyaskito), Cristina Chumillas (ckrina)

When you log in into a Drupal Site, by default you land on a mostly empty page which shows you how old your account is in the site. That’s not the best UX out there.

We aimed to provide users with useful information and commonly used actions by default in Drupal core.
But different personas have different needs, so we had to go deep into the needs of the provided roles in the Drupal standard profile together with the Personas Initiative, but taking into account what other needs the Drupal community might have. That’s how the Dashboard initiative was born.

Dashboards will provide a better and personalized experience giving the opportunity to get at first glance information in an easily understandable format, even consisting of charts, graphs, and other visual aids.

In this session we will share with the audience the joy of our achievements, tell stories about our journey, and gather feedback about what’s next. There are ways everyone can contribute too, and we will point the audience about what’s needed to get our goal and how they can help.

Session (45 minutes)

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