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Technical Writing Workshop

Technical Writing Workshop

AmyJune Hineline (Volkswagenchick)

Are you an architect, consultant, or engineer looking for another way to amplify your expertise? This workshop will share how you can do just that through writing.

This workshop explores overcoming the fears of publishing, getting started with an idea, and refining and crafting an article you can be proud of.

The advice given in this workshop is meant for people new to writing and can help reinforce information veteran writers may be familiar with. The information is also pliable enough to be adapted to people looking to flesh out a topic for an oral presentation.

This workshop aims to dispel the myths around writing, make them feel more comfortable sharing their experience, and provide them with platforms to get started.

The workshop covers:
- Impostor syndrome
- Finding a topic
- Creating an outline
- Creating a great article

This workshop is an excellent fit for you if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about writing or wanted to write but found yourself thinking:
- “What would I write about?”
- “I’m not an expert in anything.”
- "I can't narrow down a topic"

Workshop (2x45 minutes)

Experience level of the audience