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Translation management strategy for editors in Drupal 10

Translation management strategy for editors in Drupal 10

Jeremy Chinquist (Jjchinquist)

We have all heard it: “I have a small marketing website and I want it in English too.” It sounds simple, and it can be, but do not make the error to think “it is just a copy of each page, add the language switcher and voila, we’re done.”

In this talk I will focus on the approach that we have found to best benefit clients. Drupal’s translation management is a starting point, one that leaves many decisions open. How are menu items handled? How should the language switcher work? How can a screen reader process languages?

The focus will be on the structure for translation for the website and how content creators manage the website and the translations. We go beyond the translation of the pages themselves to think about the bigger picture.

Session (20 minutes)