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A wartime period for Ukrainian teams: challenges of 2022 and where are we now in 2023.

A wartime period for Ukrainian teams: challenges of 2022 and where are we now in 2023.

The world today is undergoing massive changes. On Feb 24, 2022, it changed significantly for Ukrainian IT teams. We encountered unique challenges and discovered our strength in overcoming them. At the same time, we maintained our commitment to delivering success on the projects we were working on.

During this session, we aim to cover the following:

The challenges we faced in 2022, examining this topic from both perspectives: IT companies and development teams:
• Team relocation
• Active hostilities
• Issues with electricity
• Communication with clients
Real examples of how we overcame these challenges as a company and as a team:
• Team unity and mutual support
• Relocation assistance
• Financial support
• Psychological support
• Flexible project management
• Stories of how our Ukrainian Drupal developers are volunteering and defending the country as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine while continuing to work on Drupal projects.
• Pillars that help Ukrainian teams support our mental health during wartime.
• How we are preparing for the 2023/2024 winter season.
This session is designed for a global audience, both technical and non-technical, who wish to learn more about overcoming challenges and maintaining resilience in both work and life.

By the end of this session, you will learn more about our Ukrainian colleagues, our challenges, and how we have effectively dealt with them. We will share our experiences and elaborate on what actions we took to support our teams and businesses during wartime.
Session (45 minutes)