Submit a BoF


Discuss Drupal and other technology-related topics, gather together based on affinity, or meet fellow attendees with similar identities through informal birds of a feather (BoF) groups! BoFs don't need to be about the community or even Drupal, they may also be held to discuss coffee or knitting patterns. Have fun and learn! BoFs exist to provide attendees with an inclusive, informal environment in which to share ideas freely. BoFs can be serious, and a great way to gather the people you’ve been working with remotely on a project in a space to deep dive on a topic, but they can also be fun as well.

BoFs are for discussion rather than formal presentations or sales pitches and must follow the DrupalCon Code of Conduct. BoFs are accessible to all, however attendees must respect boundaries communicated in the BoF title and description. (e.g. If you do not identify as a member of the LGBT community, please don’t join an LGBT BoF unless the title or description specifically mentions that allies are welcome.) We reserve the right to remove BoFs which violate the Code of Conduct, appear offensive, presentation-driven, or sales-focused.

Registrants who add BoFs are volunteering to act as a BoF facilitator. BoF facilitators should be in the room on time, welcome attendees, encourage participation, and help guide the conversation.

How to run a successful BoF

  • Be respectful of scheduled BoFs
  • Meet in the hallway or at lunch tables if all BoF spaces are reserved
  • Encourage participation from attendees and get everyone's input
  • Split the group if your BoF gets too big so everyone can be heard
  • Collaborate with BoF owners if you want to propose similar topics
  • Ask a speaker to mention your BoF if the topics are complementary to raise awareness

Please submit at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time in order to have it displayed on the schedule and to ensure your BoFs don’t compete with similar topics happening at the same time.