Be part of the Open Web, be part of the DrupalCon team

DrupalCon is the Drupal conference where people from all over the world meet and exchange ideas. Drupal is the open source content management framework set to support organizations worldwide with their digital experiences. 

We are all excited to meet up at DrupalCon Lille 2023, however do you know who is behind the scene and what needs to be done before the event? 

DrupalCon Europe is organized by Kuoni-Tumlare Congress together with the Drupal Association and a great team of volunteers.  The team is looking for a few more volunteers to help make the conference even greater! 

European Advisory Board 

The community is represented on the highest level in the organisation by the European Community Advisory Committee, volunteer event organizers from all over Europe  sharing their experience and supporting the organisation of DrupalCon Europe. The team meets twice a month online to determine the higher level directions of the event. 

A new structure has been introduced this year to enable everyone to contribute where it is the most convenient. Committees work independently on their own goals. Chairs/Co-chairs participate in the European Advisory Board and if needed further brainstorm ideas there. 

Do you want to be involved? We are looking for volunteers to become committee members! Being part of the team means you support Drupal and its ongoing worldwide growth as a platform set to build an Open Web. With your permission we publish your participation on the DrupalCon website, the program guide and on social media.


DrupalCon Lille 2023 Committees you could join

  • Marketing & Outreach Committee
  • Local Ambassador Committee
  • Grants, Scholarships & Inclusion Funds Committee
  • Logistics Contributor - onsite volunteer
  • Social events Committee 

Additionally the Program & Speaker Review Committee was looking for members, but due to the earlier responsibilities, their deadline was earlier on February 28th

What would you do? 

  • Connect with the team approximately 1-2 times per month
  • Share your experience and input on various topics related to DrupalCon Europe
  • Work together with the team on important tasks as your time allows

Fill out this form and let us know where you would like to help. The deadline for applications is 15 March, 2023. If you need any information, do not hesitate to contact us!


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