Room 3 (129-130)
drupal starshot

Running Drupal on the Edge with Web Assembly

Running Drupal on the Edge with Web Assembly

Matt Glaman (Mglaman)

Join us to explore how this cutting-edge development could revolutionize the way users get started with Drupal, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before.



During DrupalCon Portland, Dries Buytaert introduced the exciting initiative named Starshot. One piece that caught people's imagination was the drupal.org wireframe with a "Launch" button for Drupal CMS. This session is about that button, or rather what could be behind it. Imagine the possibilities if, by clicking this button, Drupal could run directly within your browser, eliminating the need for server setup or additional tooling. This session will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of how we can leverage PHP in Web Assembly to enable Drupal to handle requests within the browser environment.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will gain insights into:
The technical process behind executing PHP in Web Assembly.
The innovative approach to running Drupal within a browser.
The potential for seamless transitions from browser-based interactions to local development environments or hosting services.
The capability to export content directly to live Drupal sites.